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Opportunities for service-friendly businesses

I’m back. Due to longer vacation and other obligations I wasn’t able to post for a while. I’m hoping now for more frequent contribution. As mentioned before, let’s focus on how companies can profit from good customer service in Germany. 

Service-friendly businesses in every industry have the opportunity to capture market share from German companies with typically low service levels. In particular US companies with their higher service levels can take advantage of the poor service offered by their German competitors. 

But even local companies can take advantage of the current poor service levels. These smart businesses, realizing how customer satisfaction drives profit, provide service at higher levels and even some that is currently not heard of.  Let’s look at an example of dress shirt cleaning from two laundry cleaning services in Munich. Which one would you choose?

 Laundry cleaning services

So, even in Germany it’s possible to get dress shirts cleaned within hours with more human touch, better opening hours, and at even half the price. By the way, the laundry cleaner in A is Nevenka Reinigung, Felicitas-Füss-Str. 1, 81827 Munich. The laundry cleaner in B that I prefer is

Die Reinigung
Riem Arcaden
Willy-Brandt-Platz 5
81829 Munich

If you have any examples of good customer service in Germany, please share them by using the comments link on top. Maybe this can grow to a list of companies with good service in every industry sector to help customers to select the good ones and bring companies to offer better service.